Friday, February 3, 2012

um, spring? [lowercase post]

wait, isn't spring supposed to be soon? i mean, i guess i still have a few months, but today we got 2 feet of snow. oh yeah. 2 feet. now, i know there's been more snow in colorado than that before, but not in a while. so, in honor of spring, i've searched through the archives and found a few spring-ish photos. i edited them up and i'm already feeling that spring breeze. just kidding. kind of.

{not perfect focus, but it's my favorite}

i did take some snow pictures today, but since it's the telephoto lens--and i don't exactly have a stable hand--they turned out blurry. *que the "aww"*

do you want spring to be here already?


Kellee said...

Oh, Iona, SUMMER is already here in Georgia... It's like 75 outside!

Lauren Elaine said...

Hah - in Texas it's been spring-y since November! :p Beautiful pictures!

blessings and love,
Lauren Elaine