Monday, April 30, 2012

I Miss Blogging // List of Miscellaneous

I kind of gave up blogging for a while... If you didn't notice. Now, I miss it. It's a place where I can rant, or explode with joy, or even just talk. Hopefully, now that I have my own computer again, I will start it up again. To start, here is a list of miscellaneous things I want to blog about.

  • The Hunger Games

Basically, this is the new fad. Some people are overly obsessed and cant stop talking or thinking about it. That's me. I really do love the Hunger Games. It's so interesting and well made. Yes, I'm talking about the book and the movie. It's intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I'm seriously counting down the days until "Catching Fire" the movie comes out. ONLY 571 DAYS EVERYONE. So yeah. A little obsessed. Eventually I should get over it. Maybe.

  • Instagram
If you are a photographer, have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android, and DONT have Instagram... you are missing a lot. That is where I mainly post my photos along with my photography blog. All the photographers on there are so inspiring and incredible. Most of my ideas for my photos come from that application. It's addicting, so be careful. If you do have one, my username is @silent_wishes. Follow me. :)

  • Summer
It's sneaking up on us. It really is. It gets hotter everyday in Colorado and were starting to have water balloon fights regularly. I don't have to wear a coat anymore, or pants. It's beautiful out.

  • Ethiopia
My mom left for Ethiopia yesterday on a missions trip! Please pray that it will go well and that they have safe travels. I wish I could've gone, but I'm too young.

  • The Little Things

The other day, I went to the park with my friend. It was kind of some downtime for me, from electronics. It was so nice because the sky was so blue, it looked fake, the grass was soft like a blanket, and there was a perfect coolness when we sat under the trees. We laid in the grass and stared at the blueness of the sky until our eyes hurt. We rolled down the hills until our heads were so dizzy we couldn't stand. We took a walk next to a rushing creek and beautiful green scenery. It was just perfect.

  • New Design?
Anybody willing to give me a free design? If so give me a link to your designing site or email me at: with some samples of your work and I would love to have you do that. I'm desperate.

More posts coming soon. Thanks guys!

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