Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updates Once More...

[the pictures in this post have nothing to do with what the text says] Okay so...I wasn't allowed to take pictures with my iPod at camp. But, camp was amazing! It was so much fun. Now you all know the lends is broken, right? Well I cannot access my email on this computer currently and that's the only way I can get other iPod photos on here. I can get some though. Anyways, I'm not going to be a lump on a log and tell you how sad I am. We are getting a new lens but not for a while. Okay...Updates...

I just finished watching Lord of the Rings and that was really good. I suggest you see it, the second one does have a lot of war but I don't mind.

I went to the mall  twice in the last week which is surprising. I spent all my money, which is not surprising. I got a vintagey Forever21 Star Wars shirt, a black polka dotted shirt, also Forever21, and a pair of red shoes that look much like vans (Forever21 of course). Basically I spent all my money in Forever21 and the food court. Wow. I'm awesome.

Have you switched to the new blogger? I like it, but I still have to get used to it because I'm not quite adjusted yet. What are your thoughts on it?

We know every tweens favorite thing to talk about is school. Ha. I'm getting A's in everything and doing the best in Math. In case I didn't mention anytime before, I despise math. It was already hard enough and now their adding letters! Just kidding. I'm not quite in algebra and that's the least of my problems.

I literally just got 14 books from the library. I know it's not that amazing, but all of them are at least an inch thick or wider. My bag ripped from carrying them in it. Yeah.

If you get bored of me, I suggest Cluttered Thoughts. She hasn't posted in a while but if you look through her old posts you'll get quite a treat. (I just used the word "quite" two times in one post--win!)

If any of you have an Instagram I would love to add you! My username is barefoot_dreamer and I post there almost daily. If you do decide to check it out, comment and tell me you're from my blog.

Last thing, I am in love with this song.
*all photos belong to me*

Thank you all!


mary ann said...

I love your socks :) and I followed you on Instagram! I'm _maryann_ :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, several thoughts here.

1. I love the sixth picture so much.

2. I'm going to follow you on instagram right now :) {I'm spinningbarefoot}

3. about the library books, story of my life! If I get less than ten it's unusual. And that's not counting books I've reserved. :)

blessings and love,
Lauren Elaine