Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ta Ta!

Hello All! I would just like to note that Friday at 3:00pm I will be headed off to winter camp. Since our DSLR lens broke (and I probably wouldn't be able to bring it anyways) and we don't have any other cameras in the house, my iPod will have to do. The good thing about my iPod is that it's SUPER portable. I will be gone for three days which means I also wont be posting until Sunday or Monday. Hopefully, I will have lots of photos to bring back. Possibly ones of screaming faces as they plummet down the mountain in a tube, or ones of friends with red cheeks skating on the--quite slippery--ice. Oh man. Just writing this I know this will be fun. We also signed up for dodgeball teams for camp and my friend and I created our own team. Let's hopes some guys signed up for our team. Oh wait. I mean...We don't need boys...Heh...

Before you leave, you really must listen to this hilarious song.
First...Yes, I did just waste 4 minutes of your life and Second, yes, those are the only words in the whole song.

Well, I have some packing to do.


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Kendra Lynne said...

I'm so sorry about your camera! You always took such amazing photos. But don't worry. The camera doesn't make the photographer. Keep going and trying out new things with your ipod. :)