Monday, June 20, 2011


Today, I decided to have frozen fruit in a bowl. I scoured the cupboard for something new to put on my fruit. I spotted the powdered sugar and figured that it was enough. After the powdered sugar was drizzled onto my fruit, I picked up a raspberry. The juices ran down my arm as I devoured the bowl of fruit. Fingers sticky, and stomach full, I was content.

Today, I experiment with my outfit. try something new and original. I yank various shirts from my closet and start trying things on. I try combinations that aren't usually cute and I come up with something spectacular. 

Today, I sat on my window seat.  I watched the clouds roll and the drops fall from the skies. The pitter-patter on the window beside me was somehow calming and whimsical. I lean back against the pillow perched behind me and I smile.

Today, I doodle on a page, letting my imagination lead my pencil. I draw circles, squares, and anything in between. The colors come to life onto the page as I scribble inside my doodles.

Today, I read and read. My fingers flip the worn pages and I am lost in the print between the two covers. Every  word makes me more anxious to read the next. When the the adventure is finally over, I know that the book in my hands, isn't in my hands for the last time. I close the book, and I place it precariously on my side table.

Today, I pick up my guitar and start strumming a song that only my fingers know. The music rings through the room. It makes me sway and sing words that I made up in a split second. The reverberating sound of the guitar continues and the rain seems to fall in unison.

Today, I cherish the smiles that little boys let off. They help you cheer up in any situation. When you are sad, or upset, they come and give you one of those grins that is burned into your memory.

Today, I read my bible and pray. I fold my hands and murmur words of praise. While in deep conversation with the Lord, I thank him for life.

Today, I create an outfit that stands out and helps make the day brighter with the color yellow. I create an outfit that tells us that the sun is not gone forever,

Today, the rain shoots down from above and the clouds are thick and grey. A gloomy day always calls for someone to make is brighter. A day with the sunshine hidden calls for creativity. A day where I dance and sing even when outdoors in bleak and lifeless, is a day like today.


Hannah said...

Lovely post. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Caroline said...

Wow, awesome post. Really inspirational! Maybe today I will try one of these ideas, instead of just sitting around.

Caroline said...

Iona, would you mind coming over and giving me some photography advice? It's about my 4-h photography poster:

Thank you so much!!