Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You!

When I logged on blogger this morning I just checked out blogs. But before I logged off I saw this:
Followers 50 Followers
Literally, I practically fell out of my seat.
I have 50 people who love me.
You know how many that is? It doesn't seem like that much, but put that many people in one room (technically the room is like my blog) and that's a lot of people.
When I posted this post, I have to admit, I didn't really mean it, after I posted it, I felt like it wasn't true. But now, I believe that I am happy with just this many. (I would like more followers, but who wouldn't?) 

  • Reach 50 followers
  • Reach 100 followers
  • Reach 200 or more followers
  • Post every day for a whole month
  • Post every day for a whole year
  • Get 20 comments on one post
  • Get OVER 20 comments on one post
  • Meet one of my blogger friends
  • Design someone else's blog (Though this design is not my handiwork)
  • Reach 400 posts
  • Reach 1000 posts
  • Have a giveaway
The next goal I would like to achieve, I think is the comments one. Everytime you guys comment, I have a happier feeling than when you follow.

Some of the people who are following are adults. Because I have 6 (<-- not sure exactly but it's probably around 6-9) followers back then and I posted this,

I can't believe what I'm going to tell you because it has been sooooo warm it has been 70, 72, 70 everything! But that's not all because it's going to be 80 today! I love my weather! (I'm serious!) Oh and yesterday my mom made those soft pretzels mmmmmmmm! Oh and I think this is spring and summer weather! Oh and my mom is making me a summer shirt i mean kniting a summer shirt. Well I'm gonna go bye bye!

And adults wanted to be nice, so they commented. I was random, I was not good with punctuation....But that's behind me, at least I was having fun doing it. Now I think I'm better.

I just want to thank you all, this is probably the most exciting thing in my blogging experience.
I might just host a giveaway. Might. Stay tuned!

P.S. All you wonderful followers, could you share the love and take my button that is on the sidebar?


May said...

Well done Iona! :) I'll take your button in a little while. I'm kind of working on a 'surprise' for all of my followers {who like dolls, & actually for those who don't...}


Doodledog said...

Wow! 50 followers is a lot!!! I'm not even to 5 yet, but hopefully I'll get there (eventually!!!). :) :) :)


(P.S. I love your blog!!!)

Hannah said...

I love it when someone follows my blog or someone besides my friend Meghan (who is my number 1 commenter) comments. I see people who have buttons of their blogs. How do you make one. I am going to put your button on my blog.

Hannah said...

Wow, congrats on having 50 followers! You deserve every single one, your blog is one of my favorites!

Hannah said...

I saw where you have different things to say if someone calls you short. One that I came up with is "I'm not short, I'm just shorter than YOU." I am tall for my age but smaller than everybody my age (confusing).