Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Blogging Goals...

Today, I decided to share some of my blogging goals...

  • Reach 50 followers
  • Reach 100 followers
  • Reach 200 or more followers
  • Post every day for a whole month
  • Post every day for a whole year
  • Get 20 comments on one post
  • Get OVER 20 comments on one post
  • Meet one of my blogger friends
  • Design someone else's blog (Though this design is not my handiwork)
  • Reach 400 posts
  • Reach 1000 posts
  • Have a giveaway
I will add onto this list everytime I think of something else I want to achieve. Do you have any blogging goals?


Hannah M said...

Your fifty followers goal has nearly been achieved...:)

Hannah said...

It would be SO cool to meet a blogger friend! Hannah @

Hannah said...

I once had the goal to have 15 followers and had an award for the 15th follower (actually for the
16th follower because I couldn't find the email address of my 15th follower). I now have 22 followers and would love to have more.

Hannah said...

My list is the same as yours... LOL! I also grabbed your blog button. My url is :)