Sunday, September 26, 2010


When did my followers get that high? I just realized how much that is. I've spent too much time complaining that others have over 100, and not looking at how much I have earned over time. I thought about 40 (46) and realized, 4 more and I'm halfway to 100. You know what? I don't care if I get to 100 or not. I do want more readers, but not so desperately that I have to rant about it, or complain. I am happy with 46 as much as the rest of you are happy with 100 (or so). I just wanted to thank all my readers, who cares if you read this blog or not! (Not saying don't read it ;)) I just am happy to have 46 people that care enough to follow.


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Hannah M said...

This was a breath of fresh air, Iona. I know so many bloggers who aren't thankful enough for the followers they have, and always wanting more...I realize that that has been me before, too (although I didn't do posts about it or anything, at least). I am very thankful for the 95 followers I have - My blog has come such a long way...And you were there soon after it began;)