Monday, October 25, 2010

Can't you feel Autumn?

Can't you feel the breeze that is coming on?
Can't you feel the cold looming, just days away?
Can't you feel the crunch in the colored leaves?
Can't you feel the crispness in the air?
Can't you feel the clouds hanging in the sky?
Can't you feel,
I certainly can. The soup, the wind, the leaves. Our tree is almost bare. Our tree is ready for winter. Our tree is definitely ready for the snow. But that doesn't mean I am. I love autumn. Something about it just makes you want to spin barefoot. Color, pastel, paint. Photograph. Everything is wonderful about autumn. I am ready for Thanksgiving. Turkey. I am not ready for carols and lights.

Can't you feel,

{I did have a wonderful post about our pumpkin carving planned. But the picture uploader is acting up again so hopefully I can get those up soon.}

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Hannah said...

Cool post, Iona! Did you make up that poem yourself? It's cool! Hannah

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