Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving the Pumpkins!

The uploader did not give up on me this time! No it did not! I have persuaded it to work for me today.
If you have a pretty big gag reflex. Exit. Now. See that itty bitty X in the corner? Yeah slowly...Yep, there you go. Now click.....Why are you still here? You wan't to see pumpkin insides and our--LOVELY, AMAZING (I muse say)--finishes products? Really? Pfft. I am NOT wasting time just so I can NOT post it. Okay fine...I am...OKAY OKAY! Onto the post!

These faces are probably made the most. (Out of all the "yuck" faces anyway.) And to think, I probably made this face more then them. =P

Muahahahaha! We took it off..Who is ready to see what was inside?

Oh yes...YUCK! Go ahead, click the X. Oh? More? Okay!

Yes...We were chickens. We used spoons.

I am done grossing you out now. So it's time for the finished products...(After carving of course!)

My fairy...I think it turned out pretty good. Besides that...uh...my *cough cough* mom *cough cough* carved it. Thank you! But anyway's, I love my fairy.

My brother, Gabriel's.

And finally, Toby's.

I hope you enjoyed grossing yourself out, (as for the people who stayed anyway.)

Did you carve pumpkins?


Gabrielle said...

your fairy is beautiful!

thank goodness for *cough cough* moms *cough cough*


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! Iona, you make me laugh.