Thursday, September 23, 2010


You're probably thinking of the word in the title as a disease or some kind of weird fear of something. Well I'll put it this way. Imagine if people's names were in color. Imagine that when child laughs you taste peanut butter in your mouth. Imagine if you bit into a banana and you felt a puppy in your hand. Imagine if you saw a person you smelt cotton candy.

Those are some examples of the many things that happen when you have synesthesia. Synesthesia comes from the ancient Greek words that mean, together, and sensations. Another name for synesthesia is Confusion of The Senses.

When you're a baby, all the senses are the same to you. They are together. But as you grow from a baby they separate. Sometimes, when you grow up they stay together. When you have synesthesia, your senses are all mixed up.

Some types of synesthesia you see your alphabet and numbers in color. Each one has it's own color. Some types when you hear a certain noise, color will just pop up in geometric shapes right before your eyes! Some when people taste something they here a noise or feel something in their hand. There is not a certain pattern really. If one person feels something in their hand when they eat and orange other people will hear something, taste something, see something, or smell something.

Most synthetes love to paint, or listen to music, because when music is playing there is certain colored things and shapes when they hear a flute, or a guitar or any other musical instrument. Sometimes they like to paint while listening to music so they can create what they see in the air.

Synesthesia is an interesting subject for me. I've learned alot about it over the past weeks. I think it would be cool to know a synesthete.

Do you know someone like this? Do you think this is an interesting subject to talk about?



Izzy said...

Oh, I learned about this from a book called The Name of this Book Is Secret. You should read it. ITs really good!

Hannah said...

That's really interesting...I think I've never heard of anything like that

May said...

All these topics are quite interesting, :)