Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Those days where you feel like playing in the sprinkler, and then see that it's 60 degrees with a breeze out.

Oh yeah, that day was today. I just happen to mention at the dinner table, "We didn't get to play in our sprinkler all summer." and then my mom was like, "Well why don't you go play in it after dinner?"
Me: "Really?!?!? You're serious?"
Mom: "Yeah go ahead!"
Then we finished dinner and got into our clothes. We ran through the sprinkler like 10 times then we came to the door of our house dripping wet, lips purple, and shivering. Who would've known it was that cold? Now I'm brushing my hair and savoring my warm sweats and sweater. Ooh...Maybe I should put on socks...Hold on. Okay let me re-phrase that sentence.
Now I'm brushing my hair and savoring my warm sweats, sweater and knee socks.
I feel like it;s a winter day and I just came in from sledding. And those days, I really can't wait for. I've had enough heat and humidity! (Iowa, Texas, California, and Arizona) I can't wait for those days where I come in soaking wet and freezing then dry off and put on warm clothes and have a nice cup of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick. Oh yeah.
Do you want it to stay summer? Or do you want winter to come fast?

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