Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tween Girls Daybook Week #4

Okay, so I have decided I will just do this EVERY week instead of on sundays. :)
Date: Saturday, March 13th 2010
Starting time: 8:15 PM (or according to our clocks THAT WE'VE ALREADY CHANGED 9:15 PM)

Truly, AMAZINGLY, EXCITED! And very very sad.
Outside my window: A Fence...
I was just in: My friend's house (if that counts)
I'm thinking: I wish I could have a sleepover
I'm reading: Nothing at the moment actually.
I'm listening to: A show called: The Universe.
I'm wearing: Hannah Montana PJ's
I am also doing: The American Girl Fan Message Board
Yesterday, I: Went to a sleepover/birthday party!
I'm excited for: THE GRAND OPENING FOR THE AG STORE (again)
I'm sad because: Hannah Montana Season 4 is the last season...:(
I'm hungry for: Cupcakes (Whaddya know? AGAIN?)
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothing actually

I want: To watch the grand finale for Hannah Montana
I love: Cameras and Friends (again)
This week, my goal is: To sorta catch up in school.
Ending time: 8:24 PM (or 9:24 PM)



Hannah (Hannie) said...

I love doing Teen's Day book! <3

Jenny said...

It is sad Hannah's last season is her 4th :( I have hannah PJ's too! Mine are long sleeves though and they are purple and black! Neat Post!