Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's kinda late but...

It is VERY late for this but, I am going to show you all of the E-Valentines I got! 

This is from my friend Jasmine.

This is from May

This is from Quinlyn.

This is from my friend Koda.

This is from Shelby.

This is from Anne.

Thanks for Reading!!!!!! :D

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jennakat said...

hey Iona! Aww you have such good friends! LOL at the last one! Anywho, you asked my on my blog how I made Nicki's hair that way, Well I was just going to curl it but then on my curlers package it said "For a spiraled look twist hair before curling" so I twisted it as if I were making a little bun, then just be fore it curled up on itself I wrapped it on the curler. I was so easy! also the rest of her hair is in a bun. Later! Jenna♥♥♥