Sunday, March 14, 2010

Isn't supposed to be (almost) spring?

Isn't it? Wowie!
You can KINDA see the snow...CRAZY!!!

And in this one, more snow...

Look at the picture next to these words....SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daylight savings time is killing me! I am about to collapse!
Grr! Lucky People in ARIZONA!!!! 

I am soooo excited about the American Girl Store! I am going to have sooo much fun!
My mom says it is HUGE!

Okay, so for no reason I am going to post what we had for "desert"
I had more, but... well, let's just say It was some gooood popcorn! LOL

I have millions of posts planned...:( So I wont be able to "post" much...

I have a magazine that is coming out soon! It is the 2nd issue! :)
I will definitely post a link! It is an AG one so those of you who don't like AG, skip that post! ;)

Well, that's all for today! BYE BYE!


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jennakat said...

hey Iona, Britta is a JLY 52 I hope to get her this summer L8R