Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joelle's Doll Jewelry

This is a website where you can buy jewelry for you and your doll!! It is such an awesome website and she would really like some customers...She has never had ANYONE buy it...:(

PLEASE!! She even has a pack where you can get bracelets for goodies for birthdays!

(There is another post below on UPDATES about me ;))



~Quinlyn~ said...

Actually, she did have someone buy it! Jasmine got some and I think maybe someone else. AND she sent some to stephenswodadancer, though I don't know if it was a gift or stephenswodadancer payed for it. :)


Anonymous said...

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~Miana AKA *1AGLover*

Jasmine said...

Yep! I bought some! I really like it!

Joelle said...

Thanks, Iona. Yep, Jasmine did buy some of my doll jewelry. And I offered to send Stephenswodadancer a bracelet from my doll jewelry business. She didn't pay for it, though. It was just a nice gift ;)

Thanks for advertising for me! I appreciate it! :D