Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey, I have been doing good!
I am so happy! I got Kathleen the ALOF!! Go here for more info!

I am still a tiny bit behind in school but I am probably going to finish in time...

It is my brother birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Gabriel!

I have 3 more posts scheduled so after this I will have to wait 'till after the 21st to post...IT IS SO HARD!! LOL

My brothers are doing great! The youngest is finally learning how to spell things and write things on his own! When he was hungry he wrote humgree but close enough!! Here is a picture of HIS HANDWRITING of his fixed hungry word! (The reason I am putting it in link is because blogger keeps not letting me move my pics!)

I made a lapbook yesterday on presidents day...It was pretty fun.

Look at my pages for some cool ones that might interest you! Like, if you have not joined my web show site then click on the one that says: My Web Show Site!

Sorry for a LONG post....Am I boring you? Okay I will stop! ;)


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