Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sorry I have not posted...I ha.....We...It's...Umm....I have no excuse. :(

I Have been having a good time...We have a paper airplane co-op this Friday, so we have practiced on our paper airplane skills. I have made one called the Spy plane, Professional, Head Hunter, and Hammer!

Here is a Haiku poem for Darly, Because her B-day is coming tomorrow.
Your tenth day is here
So celebrate ten times loud
Two, Four, Six, Eight, Ten!
That is a Haiku poem, Called B-day!

Oh please vote on my poll! The votes are coming in soon!
In 13 more weeks I will order whoever you guys choose.

Has anyone seen the Hannah Montana Movie yet? I haven't But I hear it is really good!
I only have the sountrack!

I had a great easter! We got a lot of candy!

If you guys want pics of anything just ask me ok? Cause I love taking pics I would be happy to take some for you!


P.s. Happy B-day Darly!


Renee said...

Darly is going to be 11...I know that messes up the poem though.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darly! I bet you can't wait to get your new doll. Did you make room in your doll house?

I have a new quote for you to put in your "shortness" section:

I'm not short, I'm Fun Size

(like the candy bar ;)

jennakat said...

I'M TURNING 11 NOT 10 11!

SavannahO's said...

I'm Short.