Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here are some pics!

I am Flexible! No I am not that flexible anyway this is called tricky pix gabriel just layed behind me and put his legs over me!

My mom is small? No The skateboard is big? NOPE another tricky pix!

That says the sillyness of boys!

Gabriel and Toby jumping on the trampoline

Gabe and toby Being cheezy!

Jack jack the kid that we babysit (his name is not actually jack jack I just named him that because his mom does not allow any names)

My First Solo

Jack Jack Giving Loves to Dash (kid that we babsit not actually his name) Because dash got hurt.

Gabe being smiley

Jack Jack Frowning for the camera

My tower of doom made out of legos!



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Libby said...

Have you ever been to Totally awesome website!

Libby said...

I saw Monsters vs. aliens too. It was pretty good, like when the president played the piano!