Friday, April 17, 2009

8 weeks! and other

8 weeks until I have enough money for me AG doll right now Josefina and Julie is Tied so please do the poll!

The weather here it is sleeting! It is cooold! So put on a coat and boots..and hat..and well just put on about all of your clothing for snow.

Here is a video of a interview of me and my brothers!

Well I always do short posts and feel bad but oh well....Sorry for short post..



jennakat said...

Hey Did you ever get the Messaqge that I turned 11 and not 10?
and are you still sick?

Liz said...

Hi Iona! :)

I am SO excited for you that your getting an American Girl Doll! :) I voted for Julie. She is a cute doll! :)

I loved the interview! You all did a Great job, and I really enjoyed learning more about you and your brothers! :)

Thank you for all the sweet comments, I love hearing from you! :)

Have a Great day! :)


Caroline said...

I voted for Sonali because you don't have a doll like her. I hope you can get her really soon!!

P.S. Tell your dolls to post on their blog =)