Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Everyone! I set up my blog so that I can text to post! This is very cool, this means I can post whenever i'd like from my phone and keep you updated.

Christmas is in, you wont believe it... 19 days. How insane is that? What are you asking for? I really must emphasize that no matter how much everuone loves receiving presents, Jesus is the true reason.

Like I said in a previous post, our Christmas play is coming on the 11 and we've been practicing like crazy. I will try to post a video of us doing it after we do it. Have you ever been in a Christmas play?

If any of you have a google plus, add me in your circles! I am Iona Nicole and I have a profile picture of me wearing aviators. I also have a mustache painted onto my face. (Typical me)

Have any of you ever heard of Polyvore? Its a great site where you can make little collages with fashion type stuff on it... I'm sure you've heard of it. The site is I think. It's pretty simple.

Who did NaNoWriMo? I started smack dab in the middle and did not finish. Did you finish? Do you plan on doing it next year?

We have gotten load, and I mean loads, of snow. So far this week we've probably gotten a foot. Wait. I guess thats not loads...Ah, well.

Thanks for reading!

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