Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas is around the corner!

I am so upset and I expect to lose many followers from my scarce posting. Now that we're home from California and all settled in I should be posting lots more often.

Christmas is seriously not too far away, It's actually crazy. Wasn't it Christmas yesterday? No? Oh. Well then. I will start posting more vacation photos VERY soon. I will make myself a reminder each day to post.

I am in our church's Christmas play this year! I have about 60 lines. It's so much fun and we are doing the play on December 11th.

I go to youth group every Wednesday night and yesterday I became a student leader. Which basically means I get to help out each week at youth! I was pretty excited.

It is snowing outside currently, we have about 3 inches so far! Have you been getting snow?

Some other major news: Oh hey, we got puppies! 2 adorable, little, girl puppies! They are doxen poodle mixes. In fact, one puppy is sitting on my lap now. Their names are Oreo and Reese's.

My best friend Ellie is an amazing photographer and she posts much more often than I do. Please go check out her blog at:

We are doing a co-op tomorrow about making crafts with milk-jugs. Do you guys have any ideas? :)

In the next post I will do photos I just haven't had the camera out as often as usual.

My school curriculum this year is on the computer and I get up each day at 7:00 to do it early each morning. It's called S.O.S. Have any of you ever heard of it?

Maddy broke her toes 2 days ago. Yipes. She hit it on our coffee table. Who knew a coffee table could be after you?

It doesn't feel like fall here...More like winter.

Thank you all for still following even though I've been gone for so long!


OneofakindKnight said...

I suffer from the same lack of posting. XD Though I did good this week.

SOS is a decent program. I actually like the old version (1999) better in some ways, lol.
Teaching Textbooks is a good curriclulum too.

Carolyn said...

MILK JUG CRAFTS. Gosh, that's awesome. But anywho, you can make luminaries, just cut a hole in the milk jug and put a candle in for Christmas decorations. People do them tall around town where I live! Or you could make a bird house. Because my mind thinks like that.