Monday, April 25, 2011


Sometimes we all need time to ramble. Ramble to friends, ramble in a journal, or ramble online, as I am doing. This is not a complaining ramble. This is just a post where I will ramble on about life.

We have been so busy this week...With moving and all, we have a lot to do. We haven't really packed much, but we have been paint matching for the house. Planning what rooms will look like. This Saturday we may be having a cleaning party over at the house. I will try to take photos! I have also been obsessed with keeping my room clean. It's kinda easy because my room is half--pretty much all--packed up.

We have also been planning for summer. Family is probably coming out in June, July, and October! I am excited to see them. I am thinking, OOH! Photoshoots!

Quite a bit ago I got my second piercing in each ear. Now I wear 4 earrings! Glasses might be coming my way, we made an eye doctor appointment for May 13th.

The boys are very normal. They have just been themselves. I did have a photoshoot with them. (A photoshoot they were not happy with) They cooperated. (Sorta)

Spring has brought on terrible allergies. Stuffy nose, cough. Yuck! When all the flowers bloom, and beautiful rain falls. I have allergies. Spring is a love-hate thing.

Etsy love!
Salmon Colored Rose Cabochon Earrings

Hello Redbird

spring flowers
Oh etsy, how I love thee.

This should be posted on my photography blog...But what Canon lens do any of you photographers recommend? I might be saving up for one.

Candy. Yeesh. There is a crazy amount of candy in this house, you don't even know. No joking there.

Words that are over-used. There is a bunch. Some words that I think are overused but I can never stop using are:

  • but
  • like
  • so
  • sometimes
Don't you agree?

Yahoo! A giveaway by my favorite blog designer! I have to answer a questionaire, yay!

Do you like being outdoors or indoors?
Indoors is nice. However, outdoors has a whimsical feeling, even in the rain. If I was sick, I think I'd choose inside.

Hot or cold weather?
Most definitely hot. Even though when you're hot you can get miserable, but with the right amount of hot, it's amazing!

Favorite color?
I really like green. Grass green and neon green to be exact. I don't know why I like green. I just do. Is that good enough?

Favorite Song, and Why?
Ooh...This is a toughie. I really like the song, Welcome To The Show by Britt Nicole. The beat really is half of the reason I like it, the pacing is also pretty awesome. Overall, it's a fun song.

One word that describes you.
Beautiful. No, I am not full of myself with a group that I boss around. I am beautiful because God made me that way. He made you beautiful too.

One song that describes you.
Hmm...I don't know. I've never really thought about it.

What's your biggest goal in life?
I want to share with people Jesus' love for us.

Sweet or sour foods?
Totally sweet! I like sour, but not as much as sweet. I have a sweet tooth!

Favorite movie, and why?
I love the movie tangled! See my review here.

Greatest accomplishment so far?
Living life with Jesus.
I hope you all plan on entering this wonderful giveaway.

I have finally come to the conclusion to end this post. I have about 8 posts in the drafts, I just dont have the time to edit all the photos to go in them.

I bid thee goodbye,

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