Thursday, January 6, 2011

confessions...{lowercase post}

confession... i love my blog alot. wait. let me re-phrase that. i love my blog too much. everyday i go to the computer, open a new post and stare. i have no idea what to say, and then i end up waiting way too long before finally it's a week, then i have another post.

confession... i can't believe it's 2011. i am still getting used to writing that! i actually wrote 2010 then edited it in the first sentence.

confession... i do not want to start doing school again! period. well exclamation point.

confession...  i had way too many junk foods yesterday. brownies, carmel-corn, soda, ice cream...*sigh* good times...

confession... i think i'm in love with brownies.

confession... i wish i was good at blog designing. i never want to change the design i have, fearful that i'll never get one like it again. the young lady i got this from is now charging a bit of money, i can afford it, but who said i ever wanted to change this one???

confession... i can't believe my mom get's back on sunday.

 confession... i first watched sound of music yesterday and i love it now. i am going to have those songs stuck in my head for ages. *hums my favorite things*

confession... the only 2 old movies i will want to watch more than once is sound of music and labyrinth.

confession... i forgot i was writing this post in lowercase and just before i wrote this confession i had to go edit it all. *tee hee*

confession... i am going to a camp from the 14-16 of jan. and 2 people asked me to come to something on the 15th. my best friend's birthday party, and my favorite singer's concert (super cheap) why the middle day?

confession... i am hungry so i must end this post. song long and farewell!


Hannah said...

That was such an awesome post and I love your blog design! You can find new and free backrounds at, but you have to pay for a new template. :(

Anonymous said...

I tagged you on my blog!!!