Sunday, December 5, 2010

Preparations for the Holidays!

Yesterday...(Oh yes, I had to include the "dot-dot-dot".) We set up a lot more of our Christmas Decor, and even wrapped some presents for each-other! So I had to take pictures.

Yes, those are sheep.

My mom's favorite animal is sheep, so that explains all the sheep decor.

Have you gotten any Christmas decor up? If you have, what did you put up?


May said...

Sadly, not yet. I'm went Christmas shopping though! And have two presents out of the way, wrapped and sitting proudly in my room :)


Kendra said...

Oh, I really like the first one! :D We haven't got a Christmas tree up yet.

Azalea Shanghai said...

We have the inside of our house decorated. I named a character in a story I am writing after you. In the story her full name is Iona Amethyst Brown.

Hannah said...

Hi Iona:)

We have been doing quite a bit of Christmas decorating! First we just got out all the decorating boxes from the attic. Then we rummaged through 'em a bunch. Next we hung up the stockings and put all our most beautiful and prized Christmas items up on the mantel...and I went into the woods with my dog Suny and filled up 2 bowls of small cedar branches for trim to lay on the fireplace mantel! But now, it does look beautiful.

I also went out in the woods yesterday and selected a Christmas tree for my dolls that was overtaken by weeds. It was small enough to be cut down with clippers, and it's just one tree - we'll probably have an artificial tree for the dolls next year. Putting on the ornaments for them was tough work if you didn't want to prick your fingers on the sharp needles! :P

Merry Early Christmas! :D