Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My List of Miscellaneous

  • My First List
This is my very first miscellaneous post. I decided since I have alot to update on, I should try it.

  • I had to...
Think of a name for this post SUPER HARD because alot are taken, and I had to use dictionary.com to spell miscellaneous. Silly me.
  • Family
My family is doing pretty well. Nothing much has really happened lately. My mom, though, is going to Ethiopia for a missions trip. So we have really been preparing for that. She leaves on December 26th, and gets back on January 9th--or was it 11th? She gets the chance to see the child that we sponsor! She is really excited, if you could pray that her trip goes well, that would be great.

  • Photography
I have a billion photos I need to post, but I have not gotten around to it. So sorry. I really need to catch up. I still need to post pictures from my birthday! (September 17th)--yeesh.

  • Cookies
We have made lots of cookies and sweets lately. I have Christmas cookie pictures, pies, brownies, everything still on my mom's camera. Seriously. That is crazy.

  • Christmas
Where have the days gone? Christmas is next week. What happened?!?!?!? My mom said all of our gifts are bought, so I am super excited! There are few under the tree, only the ones my brothers got for me and I got for them. We have our tree up. Decorations. Lights from house to house. Yep. I just can't believe how many days until the day. Wasn't it just Christmas 2009?

  • My Outfit.
I just felt like posting my outfit, so here we go.
A red shirt with some gold threads--not noticeable in the picture-- with blue jeans.

 My new brown boots I bought today!

And another random picture of my outfit. Whaddya think?

  • March Penguins, March!
Yesterday we made these little cuties....

Oh my gosh. Let me share with you the three AMAZINGLY's. 1. They were AMAZINGLY YUMMY! 2. They were AMAZINGLY hard to make. 3. There is AMAZINGLY only 3 ingredients.

  • The end of my very first list....
The line above says it all.^ I hope you liked my very first list!

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Hannah said...

Hi Iona!

i loved your list! It was awesome! All of the photos were great!