Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Ones

**I understand that this is a VERY LONG post but if you started reading this part please read the rest, I worked an hour on this post**
Little kids...

They let their imagination run wild

They don't have a care in the world

They get a different perspective then we do sometimes

Sometimes we need to be a kid again and get down to their perspective

They are weird sometimes, with,

fashion, for example.

But being weird isn't always bad.

another word for it is, imaginative.

They get a close up on things we don't

Some things that we don't thing are beautiful at all

but just give them a chance.

Let them show you close ups

Let them show you how to make mud pie

They just want to have fun

Dirty or not

They want you to look up to you {or down to you in this pic :P}

They want you to be their friend

They want you to play

All things are beautiful

All things are sweet at one time

They want to show you how it works

They sometimes want you to follow their footsteps

And sometimes them to follow yours

They find everything beautiful

Simply everything

So next time your taking pictures...

Take it at an imaginative perspective, a kid perspective..
Thanks for Reading! Which one is your favorite?
~Iona (Even though I'm on "heather's" account. )


May said...

That was awesome! :) The last picture is adorable.

carlotta said...

I loved this post! So sweet :)

Hannah (Hannie) said...

That was such a lovely post!