Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanks Mommy...

Yes, I still call my mom, "Mommy" and I'm proud of it! *stands up high*
These are all my thanks...
Thanks Mommy...For teaching me how to knit (With a loom :P).
Thanks Mommy...For teaching me about Christ, Jesus.
Thanks Mommy...For keeping me safe.
Thanks Mommy...For loving me.
Thanks Mommy...For HomeSchooling me.
Thanks Mommy...For helping my "shy-ness"

Happy Mothers Day
I love you alot

Caring for me each day
Since I was a baby

Feeding, Cooking, Cleaning up
You should get a holiday

This poem is getting longer
More syllables, more words to read

Nine syllables already to read up
I like long poems I hope you do

Back to the point of this poem already
You teach, feed, babysit, clean, and love lots.

I adore the things you do for me each day
Happy Mothers Day Mommy! I love you lots!

Last thanks...
Thanks Mommy...For teaching me how to write poems like that!


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Charity said...

That is so cute and sweet! ;-)