Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caption Contest!!!

Oh yeah!!!
(This picture is from Disney Channel .com not from me)
Pick a caption for that! One caption per person
You can do things like this:
Orange Dress-Hi
Pink Dress-G'day
Colorful dress-What's up?

So you can make them so different things ;)



Koda said...

O dress- Oh my gosh! They need magazines here! And you, the lady in the pink dress you have horible hair.

p dress- WHAT!!!! I just paid $10000 for my hair to be done this way!!!

C Dress- The lady in the orange dress is right. Your hair is horable

*lady in the pink dress gets up and talks to the manager*

P dress- Ummm Are you the manager?

Man- yes what can I help you with?

p dress- I paid $10000 for my hair to look like this and some ladies in the waiting area said it looks horable.

man- Well I do not blame them. It looks HORIBLE!!!!

P dress- so you are saying that I need to pay $10000 to get my hair done again?!?!?!!?

man- yes

p dress- I do not have that kind of money to just spend on what I want!!!!

Man- They WHY did you spen $10000 on a HORIBLE hairstyle in the first place????

P dress- I needed my hair done so I spent that much.

*Manager leaves the room*

P dress- Humph.........

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Red Head: Do you like my Hair?
Blonde: or course I do! Its fabulous. You like my nails?
Red Head: So totally! Like...yeah!
Brunett: What about me! *pouts* do you like my hair? my nails? my dress? Do you, do you, do you?
Blonde: *lays hand on harm* honey, I'm sorry. But you kinda look like a barbie doll run through the dishwasher.
Brunett: *starts to cry*
Red head: Its okay honey, really. We'll help you.

LOL! that was fun! i'm a follower now BTW.
With Love and Blessings Bleah Briann. @www.blonde4christ.blogspot.com

Doodledog said...

Orange Dress: Hello!
Pink dress: Don't talk to me!
Orange dress: Oh, okay...um...sorry
Colorful dress: Don't worry. She's just stuck-up and snobbish.
Pink Dress: SECURITY!!!
Colorful Dress: you don't HAVE security.
Orange Dress: How would you know?
colorful dress: I'm her...*sob*...maid.
Orange Dress: oh. I pity you.

Thanks! This was fun!


Grace said...

Orange dress: Like yeah. She was all in my face. And then she's like "You're a snob!" and I said "Whatever lady!" And walked away.
Colorful dress: Well you're not a snob, but your hair is so, IDK...The big bun is more than I can handle...
Pink dress: Yeah. It makes you look fat *laughs to self*
Orange dress: *sobbing* HOW CAN A HAIRSTLYE PUT ON WEIGHT???!!?
Colorful dress: IDK. It's just weird. Miss Pink Lady, though, needs MORE volume in her hair. It's so flat.
*pink dress gets up and walks over to Lindsay Lohan and her hair stylist, who happen to be in the hotel*
Pink dress: Do I have flat hair??
Stylist: No duh.
*Pink dress runs out of hotel*
Colorful dress: Like, she's the snob.
Orange dress: I know.
Colorful dress: But your hair is so ugly...
*orange dress stomps out of the hotel*
Colorful dress: *lays on couch* Aaaah, it worked...now I have the sofa to myself.

Hannah E. said...

Pink lady:My crown is FABULOUS!!!
Orange lady: Not as FABULOUS as my nails!!!
Colorful dress:Hate to ya but... I have a FABULOUS crown and nails!!!
Orange and Pink lady: We should have thought of that....

Hannah E. said...

Orange Dress-Hi
Pink Dress-G'day
Colorful dress-What's up?
All- Our hair!!!