Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tween Girls Daybook Week #2

Go here: for more info on Tween Girls Daybook! ;)

Date: 02/07/10
Starting time: 3:47 PM
Mood: Sad
Outside my window: Snow, Snow and Snow
I was just in: Church
I'm thinking: I LIKE THE NEW PAGES
I'm reading: I am not in the middle of reading anything right now!
I'm listening to: The washer, and my brothers yelling.
I'm wearing: A plain teal shirt with jeans and a ponytail.
I am also playing on/on: The American Girl Fan Message Board.
Yesterday, I: Made PART of a movie with my friend Allison
I'm excited for: Next Saturday!!!
I'm sad because: My friend left
I'm hungry for: Chinese
The song stuck inside my head is: Fireflies by OwlCity
I want: Money to get an AG doll
I love: M friends
This week, my goal is: To finish all the school that I need to do!
Ending time: 3:51 PM


(BELOW I BEG you to look at the NEW toontown music video with a Selena Gomez song! I BEG BEG!)


Koda said...

Date: 2/12/2010
Starting time: 9:08 AM
Mood: Sleepy
Outside my window: SUNSHINE :)
I was just in: the living room
I'm thinking: I wish I did not have a sore throat!
I'm reading: The sister Switch
I'm listening to: the shower
I'm wearing: Pajamas
I am also doing: breathing
Yesterday, I: went to Chuck E. Cheese
I'm excited to: get my puppy!!!!!!!!
I'm sad because: I have a sore throat.
I'm hungry for: muffin
The song stuck inside my head is: Stand in the Rain
I want:my Puppy
I love: My Puppy
This week, my goal is: to get my puppy
Ending time: 9:11 AM

Koda said...

Where is week 3?