Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am starting a Tween Girls Daybook

The reason you may ask? Is because I have heard of Teen Girls Daybooks but never TWEEN! So I am starting one!

This is what you have to do every week ON YOUR BLOG you answer these things....

Starting time:
Outside my window:
I was just in:
I'm thinking:
I'm reading:
I'm listening to:
I'm wearing:
I am also doing:
Yesterday, I:
I'm excited for:
I'm sad because:
I'm hungry for:
The song stuck inside my head is:
I want:
I love:
This week, my goal is:
Ending time:

It is exactly like Queen Lucy's but a few things! :)
This one is a TWEEN girls daybook! 10-12 OR if you'd like you can do it when you are 13! :)

Here is my entries!
Date: January 31st 2010
Starting time: 2:19 PM
Mood: Happy
Outside my window: Sun and Snow
I was just in: Church
I'm thinking: I love daybooks!
I'm reading: Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George
I'm listening to: My brother learn to tie his shoes.
I'm wearing: a black sequined shirt with jeans
I am also playing on/doing: AG fan Messsage Board, Talking to Hannah on IM, and talking to Koda on gmail.
Yesterday, I: Stayed home
I'm excited for: Hmmm...nothing really.
I'm sad because: I'm not sad
I'm hungry for: Candy
The song stuck inside my head is: Falling Down By Selena Gomez
I want: To blog everyday
This week, my goal is: IDK
Ending time: 2:30 PM


Koda said...

Date: 1/31/2010
Starting time: 1:46
Mood: happy and sleepy
Outside my window: sunshine :)
I was just in: church
I'm thinking: I am going to eat some Doritis
I'm reading: The Babysitting Wars (IDK by who)
I'm listening to: a toliet flush (LOL!!!)
I'm wearing: jeans and a tee shirt with a sweat shirt
I am also doing: chating with Iona on Gmail.
Yesterday, I: cleaned my room
I'm excited for: to go shopping
I'm sad because: IDK
I'm hungry for: cookies
The song stuck inside my head is: none
I want: LANIE
I love: LANIE
This week, my goal is: IDK
Ending time: 1:49

Jasmine said...

Date: 1-31-10
Starting time:5:20
Outside my window: SNOW!
I was just in:Church
I'm thinking:I WANT VIOLET
I'm reading:Millie's Faithful Heart
I'm listening to:My IM thingy ding!
I'm wearing: blue top and jeans
I am also doing:IMing
Yesterday, I:Went sledding
I'm excited for:opening presents!
I'm sad because:I'm not sad
I'm hungry for:Dinner!
The song stuck inside my head is:Pants on the ground
I want: VIOLET!
I love: VIOLET!
This week, my goal is: GET VIOLET!
Ending time: 5:22

Maybob said...

Date: 1/2/10
Starting time: 3:54PM
Mood: Good
Outside my window: My Garden Lol
I was just in: School
I'm thinking: about American girl dolls
I'm reading: Your blog post!
I'm listening to: The computering whirring
I'm wearing: Uniform
I am also doing: Drawing
Yesterday, I: Ehh...
I'm excited for: My BFF's birthday
I'm sad because: I'm not sad
I'm hungry for: Food XP
The song stuck inside my head is: Wonderful Christmas Time
I want: To go to any AG place, anywhere
I love: AG, Reading, Art
This week, my goal is: To make mah friend happy with her b-day present
Ending time: 3:56PM

Hannie said...

I did the Tween's day book on my blog, TWICE! But I called it "Teen's" because as of December I am no longer a Tween. Waaaaa! You can check it out if ya want! Thanks for the idea Iona! I love it, and I think I'll do it once a week or something. Thanks again!

Hannie (Hannah)