Monday, December 21, 2009

3 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

YAYAYAY!!! I am so so so so so so so so EXCITED!!!! Our web show #5 is still under review (by mom) we will post it ASAP!! I will also pot what I get for christmas..ON CHRISTMAS!!! YAY!!!

I need to take a breath and slow down a bit...PHEW....OK Now the usual updates!

How am I? How am I you ask?

I am good, I just got the Family Quiz Book by american girl! My dolls are good (sitting in a chair collecting dust)..LOL I just updated their layout! Here it is! I will also post on their blog next!

If you did not see I had a new blog by homeschool blogger I will post on that after I post on my dolls' blog! Here it is!
Actually me and my friend share it!

I will post loads and loads of pics on Christmas AND I will tell you what I got!

Here is a caption contest! It ends on Christmas! 3 days!

When you comment the caption I need your name and your caption! I will print it on the picture and post it on christmas! May the best caption maker WIN!!




~Quinlyn~ said...

You eat that bone...

And you'll have to answer to me.

Hope I win!


Maybob said...

You touch me, and I kill you... unless you give me doggie treat.


Anonymous said...

Why is that human holding MY doggy treat?!?


Jasmine said...


So, what am I getting for Christmas? huh?

swissmiss♥lotti said...
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swissmiss♥lotti said...

If looks could kill, you would be dead already.


Caroline said...

Hey you, stop watching me! I was NOT peeking in the presents!!