Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry for no post but i will make sure to tell you everything that is important.

Ok so know how I said I was getting a American girl? (well saving up for one) mom talked my out of FOR SURE I am saving up for a season pass to elitch gardens I only need 20 more dollars...Hey can you also do my poll on elitch gardens......

Ok I also only need 89 sections of school and ten days but if you divide eighty-nine and ten it equals 8.9 which means 8 sections a day with the remainder of 9 which also means that i have to do 9 extra today and my eight sections also.

Sorry for all that

I am going to Melting Pot tomorrow!
It will be fun!

Well I think that is all....BYE!!


jennakat said...

Why is you ferret named cady?
I always heard that a cady was a place to store things. No offence intended.

jennakat said...

Ohhhhh got it ;)

SavannahO's said...

You should get a doll!

Coconut said...

Cool pet! I have a fish on my blog! Except it doesn't have a name!