Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok so I have six more weeks until I have enough money for an american girl right now I have 48 dollars and I need 138. I think I am getting Julie even though the votes say sonali but I am still thinking.....

I cannot wait until summer my friends get out of school on may 22nd! I cannot beleive it is already almost summer! Last I remember it was the first day of spring!

So how are all you guys doing? I did a lot of thing for the past week!

  • I went to the last day of AWANA Yesterday
  • I have a five day sleepover at my friends house and she slept over at mine for 2 days
  • I went swimming for about 5 hours
  • I went to a creek for about 5 hours
  • I did some school tests
  • I went to a co-op last tuesday for making books
That is a lot! Here is a pic of my reward I got from AWANA for finishing my 2nd book.

Well that is all for today if anything else interesting happens I will let you know!



SavannahO's said...

Hi! Busy day! I go to AWANA to.

Natalie said...

Great job on the award for Awana! One of my brother's best friend won that for this year!


P.S. It looks like you are on book 2, I am also but this was my last year!