Friday, December 5, 2008


I get to go too HSM on ice sunday!!! It is going to be fun!! YAY!!

It is my 4th day of posting in a row. YAY!!!

The pic I said I was posting my mom said I have to take it tomorrow.....Oh Well
I will take a big pic of all of them and then single pics.
That will be..........10 pics!
That is alot.

You know the blog on my blogroll the says Krazy Kayley Kreek.
Please leave your address to your blog there.
If I see her today i WILL tell her to post.

Well I'm Gonna Go Now BYE!!!



Renee said...

did your mom tell you how you're going to HSM?

jennakat said...

hi Iona!
have fun there! ;p

Natalie said...