Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whaaaaah.......again and other stuff

I FORGOT TO POST YESTERDAY TOO!!!! Now I have to start over again!!!
So If I do not mess up I will have that blog on December 9th

And my friend got a blog she really wants you to read it....But she has only posted once because she goes to school....But check other days or later today because I will tell her to post...her blog is the one that says Krazy Kayley Kreek.

I did alot of school today 2 sections of math, 2 sections of history, 2 sections of spanish, one section of bible, and a project whew alot huh?. How was your day doing school(Or at school)?

The pic up there is a family christmas pic.

Well I'm gonna go bye!!



Natalie said...

U look a lot like your brothers!


Renee said...

Maybe you should do like I told Darly...she wanted another blog too, but I said no to that.

Instead I suggested that her dolls guest blog on her blog. They posted their first post yesterday.