Sunday, November 30, 2008


The party I went today was awsome!! I painted a penguin...(I will post a pic when I get it 'Cause I had to leave it there and she is going to bring them to girl scouts)....And I got a gift bag that had a butterfly callender and A TON of clay.
I already molded a penguin with my clay..(I must like penguins.LOL)

Me and my friend, A couple days ago me and my friend made a snowman....but the next day it broke down...But then we made a bigger and better one and it stayed up....Until her brother knocked it down....But luckily nothing broke so we put it back together and there it is in her yard.

Do you like Scrapooking? I love scrapbooking! That is what I got for my friends Party.

Um mabye some other time I will take a pic of my AG knock off dolls and post it!!

Well I'm Gonna go Bye


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