Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow Buddies!!!!

Have you seen Snow Buddies??

It was soooo cute!!!

(Oh and warning if you have not seen it do not read this..only if you wanna hear about the movie!)

The Snow buddies names were: Butterball, Rose Bud, Buda, Mud Bud, B Dog, and one of the dogs in it was Shastsa!

They were sooo cute!!!

If you have not seen it you should go see it....It was AWSOME!!!!!

But if you do not want to see it that is ok!!

well that is all for now bye bye!!!!


Natalie said...

Your tagged!


Natalie said...

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!! I like that movie! The dogs are really cute!


Hannah said...

I haven't seen that movie yet. I bet it is really cute! The last movie I went to go and see at the movies was National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Or maybe it was another movie. I cannot wait to see Prince Caspain in May! The doorbell just rung, so I gotta go!