Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pen pal's

My mom told me about a site tonight that allows children of all ages to get pen pals safely from all around the world!

It's called International Kids Pen Pal Network.

Kids, ask your parents before you go there.. but it looks cool!

To find kids your age.. Go to the Find Pen Pals at the top tab and then go to the year you were born! Then you can see all the kids who want international pen pals!

I registered with them tonight and they said they would have me in the system in 24 hours!

How exciting!

I am hoping to get pen pal's from all over the world!

Since I love getting e-mail's this should be good for me! (mom says especially for my spelling!)

Oh and I forgot to was your day?


Renee said...

So this is pen pals via email? Humm that sounds like it might be fun...don't know if Darly will go for it though. She's reading this with a look on her's not a death look though.

Natalie said...


That's ok. Yeah all the books of that series are REALLY good. What book number are you on? I am on 11 and there are 13 books! :)


Natalie said...

I posted 2 times on my blog!


Natalie said...

Thanks for doing my quiz! Do you have a MP3 player or a Ipod?


Natalie said...

Oh, cool! Mine is a zen mp3 player.

If you go to this link you wil see what my mp3 player is kind of like. It is blue but it doesn't have the black thing.