Friday, April 13, 2007

South Dakota

In South Dakota you never know what weather it's going to be because one time the radio was talking about snow and the next thing you know it doesn't snow and last winter we didn't get much snow and this spring we haven't got much warmness but lots of snow. I just hope this summer it's not going to be mixed up!!! Well I'm still having fun in South Dakota because some of the winds are warm winds. I'm almost done with school but if I don't finish then i'll have to do school in summer wich I don't want to do school in summer. Besides who has ever heard of school in summer? And it's allready close to my birthday wich is: September 17th 1999. Wich you don't need to hear the year but oh well.

Well I have to go somewhere, BYE!


Heather said...

Yup, South Dakota Weatherman doesnt tell the truth.

dnmreeves said...

My girls went swimming on Easter Sunday! Is that crazy or what. The weather was warm enough, but the water was way too cold for me.