Thursday, January 5, 2012

Those Special Moments

Special moments are moments when you make memories. Moments that you'll never forget the laughter, and the people you spent then with. Yesterday we had a game at youth group. Oh yes, a game. I was the good girl and got in line first. Worst. Mistake. Ever. They said the first person in line step up and they had cans of shaving cream in their hand. See, this is one of the reasons I love my youth group. I kind of put the pieces together when the teams behind me had a bag of cheesepuffs. They coated my face in shaving cream and the cheeseball throwing begun. I didn't win, but It sure was a time to remember. We had lots of fun that night.

Just seconds ago my brother and I were panting and quite sweaty after countless hours of Just Dance. Our friends lent their Wii to us and we've had a blast already. Plus, there's a whole weekend ahead of us. You know what I'm saying. have you ever played Just Dance? It's really fun. Lots of laughing and jumping. Just make sure not to whack anyone in the face. Okay? Okay.

Those are the types of moments I am talking about. The amazing moments you'll always remember.

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