Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's Happening?

I took an unexpected break from the blogging world, but I think I needed it. The past few weeks I have had no idea what to post. I am trying really hard to find things to post about. This post will be (hopefully!) the last scattered post for a while.

 First off, My amazing cousin, Maddy, is coming to stay with us for a while. She will most likely appear in plenty of my photos, and lots of posts. At least I hope she'll be in my pictures, to only think I haven't taken a headshot of her yet!

Second, I'm in California. Whoah. Wait. Rewind. Back up. *smacks forehead* I was so busy packing for the trip I forgot to tell people! We are visiting California for about a month. We haven't done much yet. We did go to a beautiful (and frankly, very clean) lake yesterday!

We had a blast. Excuse me and my weird faces.

California is such an amazing state! It is hot and humid, which is great compared the Colorado. The palm trees are especially beautiful.

On the way to California, we stopped at the Salt Flats in Utah! The salt looked like snow covering the land for miles, even better, it was sunrise. 



We've had so much fun so far on our travels, but there is much more to come. I hope I can re-boost my blog to healthy.

Tell me what you think of the photos!


Hannah said...

I love the pics, Iona! My family and I might be going to Colorado for a vacation soon! :)


Britt Banyon said...

Oh Iona, I am in LOVE with the sunset/cloud photos! B-e-a-utiful. ;)

Kellee said...

Those are gorgeous!! :) Have fun on the rest of your trip!

OneofakindKnight said...

I like the sunburst pic, and the first palm tree one. Why wasn't the same pics posted to both your blogs?

Kendra Lynne said...

you took some stunning photos! the ones of the lake are especially lovely.