Sunday, July 31, 2011

miscellaneous ramblings {lowercase post}

i have been so busy. I only get a bit of time on the computer a week, and so posting is scarce. i am truly sorry but i can't promise anything. i am putting together this post to keep you guys interested in my blog. :)

julian smith
raise your hand if you've ever heard of julian smith. he is a youtuber that puts hilarious yet pointless videos on youtube. below is one of my favorites. if you watch any others, or if you've seen any others, which is your favorite video?

my cousins have been here for about a month, and leaving on tuesday. we've had a fun month. we've taken lots of pictures and had a grand ol' time.

my brothers are good. i mean. i don't usually get into their business. they mostly play video games all day, when i'm not pointing a camera to their face anyway.
my dad is working hard at his work and my mom's been working hard by taking care of five children for the past month.

it's awesome saying that my mom's an author. she's clattering away at her keyboard, typing up the second book. the first one got published after a long, sleepless week for my mom. it's available on some sites, and it's so exciting for all of us. did any of you buy it?

buy the kindle and paperback version at these places:
create space
barnes & noble
her site

road trip
this autumn we are going to be travelling a lot. i am ecstatic. the sheer joy of travelling somewhere away from home makes me jittery. i've always loved travelling. i admit, i can complain in the car rides, but doesn't everybody? i love to look out the window at all the scenery, from sunrise to sunset.

school is here
school is creeping up on us, don't you think? i'm not the type to hate school. being a homeschooler, occasionally school can be enjoyable. i've wanted to do an online school, there are a lot out there. i am going through booklet to booklet. it's hard choosing which one. i've narrowed it down to k-12 or connections academy. do you guys have any opinions?

i need another design. i want neutral colors, yellows, maybe blues. do any of you have time to do it? it needs to be free. please do not take it harshly if i decline.


this summer had been a mix of scorching heat, and pouring rain. this weekend has been one where we burn to a crisp. sun burnt faces smile as they dive into the icy pool. between dips, iced drinks and sucked up. summer has been fun and i'm sad it's over. but it will come again.


Brittany-Amelia said...

Oh! I'll do your blog for you!! :D

Maeve said...

Oh, thanks Iona. You made me realize that I start school this month! XD
I haven't got your mom's book, but I am thinking of getting it in the future!


Alynne Leigh said...

cute blog! (:
have fun in all of your road-tripping adventures!!