Sunday, May 8, 2011


I got a necklace from my friend the other day that had a pendant with the word, "Breathe" on it. That got me thinking. I think we all need to take a breath. Even me. We scurry along with our everyday life, not knowing how short and precious life is.
 Every time you anticipate for something to be over, it goes by slowly. I think we should cherish these moments that go by slow. A simple saying that everybody says, "time flies by when you're having fun" is very true. Those moments where you want the next day to come quickly, don't mope.
Do something that you know that you will have fun doing. Time goes by fast. We all have trouble breathing, stopping to smell the roses. Especially when special times of the year come around. Christmas for instance. You are so

excited for Christmas, and when it's come and gone, you realize how quick that was. What we don't realize is that the next Christmas will come just as quick as that one left. Take a breath. Don't anticipate for life to go by quicker, and if you want to it go slower, do something fun that you will remember. Make a memory. Even though life is very short, we can enjoy it by making memories that will last, memories we will look back on and enjoy all over again.

Breathing is important for everybody. We all need to reflect on God's gifts to us, one of them, life. Life is short, don't waste it. Don't do anything you know you will regret. Just take some time to breathe. I need to do it, that's for sure. With moving and all there's so much work and I'm eager for it to be over. That's why I've been outside photographing nature lately. I've been inspired. Go out there and make some memories with your family. Breathe.

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