Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

This is my first time participating in Awkward and Awesome Thursday! It was a bit harder than I thought but in the end, I came up with some pretty awkward (and awesome!) stuff.

Not being able to see through the peep hole in the door without a stool.

Poking yourself in the eye with your finger.

This picture:

A tripping over nothing in public.

Going outside and then turning right around because it’s chilly.

Trying on 5 shirts before finding the one you want to wear.

Burning yourself on an obviously hot pot, while making macaroni and cheese.

Having sunny weather.

Wearing flip-flops and ballet flats all day.

This outfit:

Scarf-Borrowed from friend

My little brother, Toby, reading the word “Fortress” and “University” (Pretty amazing for him.).

Spelling “color”, “colour”.

Drying out roses of all colors.

Doing “Awkward and Awesome Thursday”!

Now that was fun, I will have to do that again. Maybe also post more outfits. I’m very surprised awkward didn’t out rule awesome. Believe me; I am plenty more awkward then awesome. I trip up the stairs more often than down. Also, for some odd-I mean, awkward-reason, I always poke myself in the eye.

What are your thoughts on my awkward’s and awesome’s? Are you more awkward? Or Awesome?

With Awkwardness,

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Jennakitten said...

I think I gave you that shirt! Glad you like it darling ;)