Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Simple Question.

One simple question, that I would really appreciate you answering.

Out of every single post on my blog, which did you enjoy reading the most?

It would really help if you answered.

Love from,

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Hannah said...

Well, there's so many posts that it's hard to pick a favorite. But here's some reasons why I love your posts:

- Gorgeous pictures. You're pictures always amaze me.

- meaningful words, some of your posts really make me stop and think.

- funniness, some of your videos that you put up are so funny!

- enjoyable posts, your posts are always fun to read!

- YOU! You're so kind and creative, and such a great blogging buddy. I love your blog!

I haven't talked to you in so long (cuz my gmail chat is not working) and I've missed talking to you! Just wanted to say hi and to tell you how much I love your blog :)