Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Good and The Bad of the Winter Solstice: Lunar Eclipse

The Good

  • The wonderful full moon and the stars
  • I was calling and texting my friend almost all the way through as she was watching it. :)
  • I got some pretty awesome photos
  • I got to spend the last half with a blanket and gloves! (Really lucky for that)
The Bad

  • Do you know how freezing it was? especially on the Winter Solstice. (Probably didn't help that I was in a tank top and shorts with a jacket on. I was also wearing boots with no socks. So my legs and hands were completely exposed)
  • The wait. It took forever.
  • The time, oh my gosh, I stayed up the whole time! Except the end where the shadow was going off. I was beat by then

Did you stay up super late? What was good and bad about it?


Kristen said...

Hi Iona!

I REALLY wanted to stay up to see the Lunar Eclipse, but I wasn't positive when it would be. Also I wanted to take some pics of it, and my camera's not the greatest. Glad u got some pics though. They look great! I love the blue and brown of ur blog. That's the colors of my room. Well, have a good day! =)

Because He Lives,

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Maeve said...

Lucky! The sky was all orange where I was, but because of our stupid weather, all the clouds were blocking it so we couldn't see a thing!