Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding Beauty In... {Part 1}

Sunsets...Finding beauty in sunsets.
Yesterday while driving we passed the most amazing sunset, and I only had my ipod touch on me. So I got it out and took these shots with my not-so-amazing ipod touch camera and they still turned out pretty well, with a tiny bit of editing.

Have you ever seen a really wonderful sunset and wanted to snap pictures, but had nothing?


Allie said...

Those are very good!

Kendra said...

Great pics! Yes, once there was this lovely sunset, but I didn't have a camera with me at the time. *sad face*

Yours are beautiful though, isn't God amazing?

Brittany-Amelia said...

Nice Iona!
When did you get an Ipod??? Did you buy it yourself?
<3 Britts :D

Hannah said...

That's so beautiful and you're lucky to have an iPod Touch! My brother is getting one for Christmas; he's fourteen. ;)He's wanted one for a looong time!

Also, those sunsets are really beautiful! It is easy for me to take pics of rainbows, but not sunsets:( My middle name is Nicole too! Hannah Nicole.. hehe; I won't say my last name, of course. ;)

Great post and blog! :D