Sunday, August 15, 2010

Next Food Network Star WINNER!!!

**big spoiler alert**. Oh my gosh!!! Winner was announced and a double warning I'm gonna talk about um.. IT... Yeah that's the word no him nor her....okay........exit now if you don't want to know.....ready? Everybody exiting in a formerly fashion? OK! I'm done. Aarti... I knew she was going to win just knew it!!! But I kind of liked Big Chef.. I want to see Aarti's show lots though!! Now COMING UP: Camp and Beach pictures!!! Yay yay!! Also all homeschoolers head to -Iona


SammySleuth said...

Yes! We were watching it last night too. We were sure it was going to be that "Big Chef" Guy, but we were wrong. :) My mom is excited to see her show next week.

Anne said...

I'm sooo excited that Aarti won!!!!! I really wanted her to win! :) I loved watching Food Network Star! It's a summer tradition. LOL

Hannah (Hannie) said...

I love Food Network channel! For some reason they don't show Food Network Star tho :( I'll have to keep an eye out for it!