Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tween Girls Daybook Week #6 and Caption Contest Winners!

Date: Sunday, April 11th
Starting time: 5:31 PM
Mood: Tired

Outside my window: My boring ol' yard :P
I was just in: Church
I'm thinking: I need sleep
I'm reading: Nothing....
I'm listening to: My brother singing songs aloud that he is listening to on his Player thingy.
I'm wearing: This shirt:

I am also doing: Nothing....
Yesterday, I: Was recovering from sickness
I'm excited for: The weekend
I'm sad because: Who said I was sad?

I'm hungry for: ANYTHING
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothing....
I want: A Cupcake!!!! LOL
I love: Julie, God, Friends, and Sleepovers
This week, my goal is: To get all the sleep I can
Ending time: 5:39 PM

Now for the winner of the caption contest!!!!!!!!
The winner is..................
Hannah E.
Pink lady:My crown is FABULOUS!!!
Orange lady: Not as FABULOUS as my nails!!!
Colorful dress:Hate to ya but... I have a FABULOUS crown and nails!!!
Orange and Pink lady: We should have thought of that...

Here's your award:
Thanks for entering everybody! It was a hard desicion!


Hannie said...

Do more caption contests soon! :D

Hannah E. said...